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Helping troubled teens and their families since 1990
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Welcome to Advanced Adolescent Services.

As a leader in child transport services, we have been working with troubled teens for over 18 years.  We have successfully transported 700 plus adolescents to over 50 various programs nationwide.  We have a professional staff that is very experienced at finding and recovering runaway teens.

Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada this allows us to reach your teen anywhere in the nation, quickly.

 Advanced Adolescent Services is not a referral agency and does not carry any contracts with any particular facilities or agencies.  This gives us the advantage to find the "right" program and facility for your teen.

The different ways in which we assist families include:
  • 7/24 hour runaway teen locating and retrieval
  • Safe recovery and transport, nationwide
  • Over 18 years experience recovering and escorting teens from homes, schools, etc
  • Long standing relationships with top teen programs in the United States
  • Parent consultation
  • Honest answers to tough questions
Current  agencies that  Advanced Adolescent Services  are working with include:
  • Nevada Child Seekers
  • Nevada Center for missing loved ones
  • Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/missing     persons/juvenile detail
  • North Las Vegas Police Department Detective Bureau
  • Department of Juvenile Justice Services, Clark County Nevada
  • WestCare


 Advanced Adolescent Services locates, transports and retrieves runaway and troubled teens. 

Advanced Adolescent Services

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